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This post uses code from CyberDrain

Click the link below to check out the original post on and support Kelvin's fantastic work for the MSP community.

About this script

So firstly, if you haven't already, hit the giant orange button above to read the original blog post on to understand what this script is doing!

The problem with NinjaOne

Many, if not most RMM platforms can run a script to monitor system state. NinjaOne is no different here - but there's a subtle irregularity in their approach that makes this complicated.

Most RMM platforms let you extract the contents of a variable from the script you run as a monitor - Ninja doesn't. It can read from the output of the script but that's all.

The fix

This Script Has Been Updated

This script was updated after being published, if you're using it please compare the version you have with the version available here.