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· 5 min read

Background information

The NinjaOne agent gives you the ability to customise your system tray and add things like about text, email links, a help request form, a URL and other things. Unfortunately HaloPSA doesn't currently support hooking into NinjaOne's help request form (don't worry, we're talking to NinjaOne and Halo Service Solutions about this!) so we're left with a bit of a workaround as a solution.

· 7 min read

About this script

HaloPSA is improving at a phenomenal rate - one of the latest enhancements relates to embedding the "customer portal" inside Teams for easier access by customers - this is early days for this enhancement to Halo and at present there isn't really a way to push this tab into customer environments... Until now!

Using the script below you can push any website as a tab to your customers' Teams environments. First a couple of configuration pre-requisites.

  1. You'll need to have setup the Secure App Model (Thanks Gav for the superb write-up!)
  2. You'll need to know the name of the Team and Channel you want to deploy the tab - currently the script will use the same details for all customers!