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Targeting Windows Versions for Feature Updates

· One min read

This post will show you how to use registry keys to test, set and remove target versions for Windows Feature Updates. This allows you to prevent Windows 10 or 11 from updating past your configured limit.

The Script

This Script Was Updated

This script was updated after being published, if you're using it please compare the version you have with the version available here.

This script was last updated on 2023/04/05.


When you run this script you might want to pass some parameters - here's what they do:

  • -Test - This will test the current target version settings and show you the results.
  • -Unset - This will remove the target version settings.
  • -TargetProductVersion - Specify the target version to aim for, examples would be 21H2 or 22H2.
  • -TargetProduct - Specify the target product to aim for, examples would be Windows 10 or Windows 11.