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· 4 min read

Secure Application Model

For this post you'll want a secure application model Azure AD application configured. Use these instructions from Gavin Stone's blog.

CIPP Inspired

The code in this script was inspired by functionality in the CyberDrain Improved Partner Portal (CIPP). Need to manage M365 tenants - CIPP is a fantastic open-source solution for M365 management for single tenants and Microsoft CSP Partners alike.

Background information

In my quest to stop having to use Windows Sandbox or VMs to access Exchange Online via PowerShell (we have WinRM basic auth disabled) I've been looking at solutions using the Exchange Online REST API to run commands against our customer tenants. The result of my efforts is a pretty complex script that introduces a method to run any PowerShell script in the context of a set of customer tenants.


You need to have configured the Secure Application Model according to the instructions linked above, you will need your SAM tokens etc accessible for this guide.

Securing Credentials in Scripts

Do not store credentials directly in scripts. You should utilise services like Azure KeyVault or other PAM solutions to secure credentials used in scripts, including this one.